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About the Cane

It is so much more than a "crutch!"

Canes were, for a period of at least 3 centuries, as crucial a part of the male wardrobe as a pair of trousers is now. Indeed, men were likely to have several canes, to be used on different occasions, at the office, going out in the evenings, and on the weekends. 

They were carried, not as a walking aid, but as fashion statements and an indication of the owner's wealth and social status. Canes originated out of the male psyche, which associates the walking stick with power. Kings carried scepters, Black Rod would carry a ceremonial staff, Merlin used a wand, and Moses carried a staff to part the waves. It was during the 17th Century when men started to put down their swords that they started carrying canes. 

They continued to do so until the 1940s when, sadly, they seemed to lay down their canes as well. But until then, some spectacular and unusual canes were produced. Many of which are now costing over $10,000 and are highly coveted by collectors. 

Unfortunately in today's society, many people view the cane as a crutch. As a result, many who truly need a cane for physical support and mobility often ignore this need because they feel it portrays them as weak, impaired, defenseless, or old. 

However, thanks to the work of Grandmaster Mark Shuey and his student Aaron Anderson the cane has started to enjoy a rennaisance of sorts. Seniors and veterans trained in the power of this humble tool are starting to carry it proudly. And younger individuals are starting to look for reasons to "rock the cane" with their current style. 

Because it is legal to carry a cane wherever you go in the world (even on an airplane), it is the ideal tool for self defense and empowerment. Knowing you are armed and equipped to handle whatever the world can throw at you leads to that quiet confidence that commands attention from others. 

Now it is your turn to join this trend that is sweeping the nation and the world. Be one of the elite to proudly carry the modern day equivalent of a sword wherever you go. 

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